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Tower Raiders is a competitive real-time strategy and skill game for iOS and Android devices.

It takes place in a vast fantasy world with amazing races and creatures where the powerful Tower Masters rule above all others. At the beginning of the game, you will become a Tower Master and you will enter into a contest for power that could change the world where you live.


You can enjoy a unique experience, both facing other players and advancing in history mode. As you progress, you will acquire new raiders and guardians. You will have to improve and manage them properly to successfully raid other towers while you keep defending your tower from other Tower Raiders.


We wanted to create a game with a friendly look and a fast and simple battle system, but also of great strategic depth. This system will keep the most experienced players interested and, at the same time, make it simple, intuitive and fun for all players from the first moment of the game.

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We are currently preparing the project for kickstarter. Stay tuned. We will give you more information in a short time

Comming soon!