What is Tower Raiders exactly?

It’s a competitive real-time strategy and skill game for iOS and Android devices.

It takes place in a vast fantasy world with amazing races and creatures where the powerful Tower Masters rule above all others.At the beginning of the game, you will become a Tower Master and you will enter into a contest for power that could change the world where you live.

Who are you, guys?

We’re SareGames, a small gaming studio based in Spain.Our team members joined in the summer of 2016 and since then we’ve been working hard on several apps and small games. All team members are passionate with our work and we now want to focus entirely on game development, starting with Tower Raiders, that's why we ask you for your support.

You can find us in the right sidebar on the user list.Feel free to ask us anything anytime!

Will Tower Raiders be free?

It is! You can get a great experience from Tower Raiders and not pay a nickle. Just download it, once it’s released, and have fun!

Is this released yet? When is the release!

We’re far, but there is still a lot of work ahead of us. We spect we’ll release Tower Raiders in Winter, but for now, we’d like to not promise anything.

Early access will open during Autumn.

Can I play Tower Raiders on my computer?

Right now we’re focusing mainly on mobile devices because it’s the biggest computing platform out there and growing.

We understand some players may prefer playing it on desktop. We have it in our feature backlog and we definitely plan to get to it one day.

Is your microtransaction model Pay to Win?

Hell no. First, we probably feel the same way you do, we don’t like the model. Second, all content can be adquired freely in the game. Winning is having fun as you play and advance in the game. It’s hard to pay for something like that.

However, players can purchase in-game currency in order to progress faster in the game.

Are there going to be ads in the app?

We are currently inclined to not putting ads to Tower Raiders. We feel like it might be ruining immersion. If we release, and people will be getting less bonus content than we expect, we might start running ads to cover base costs of our operations. However, the app will never be ads-heavy. We’re not fans of annoying popups either.

Is there going to be a monthly subscription? What it will include?

We plan to offer a Golden Pass, which will unlock some bonus and rewards as long as the pass is active. This might change in the future, once we learn more.